Pulte Homes - The Greens at The Fairways of Champions Circle

I met with some clients this week that are relocating from out of state to retire here in Ft. Worth.  I met with them in the Pulte model home because their home is being built on the golf course as we speak.  We discussed paint colors, furniture, rugs, granite, backsplash ideas & drapery suggestions.  I think they were relieved by the time I left because they felt like they had a plan!!!  This is the perfect size house for retirement.  Lots of windows and lots of light throughout the whole house.  The tile really makes it easy to upkeep and also gives the illusion that the space is bigger than it is.  The windows look right over the golf course.
After I finished I took a browse around the rest of the model homes.  Thought you would like to see some pictures.   Pulte uses their own in house designers and I thought they did a great job showcasing these homes.  Very fun and whimsical decor.
The Greens at The Fairway of Champions Circle
Pulte Homes, Ft. Worth, TX
 I'm calling this house 
"Black Beauty"
Notice all the different shapes and textures but they all work together creating an amazing Modern/Traditional room.  The round rug really adds some character to the space and softens the strength of the black accents.  This design is perfect for a model home because you have so many buyers with different decorating styles and preferences.
The rug is a bit small for this formal dining area but I know their purpose was to warm it up a little since this area has so much tile.
Simple and beautiful.  Love the bench with the table.  Mixing it up a little makes a room feel so much more interesting.
Great craft room!  Beautiful color on the walls!  Light and airy draperies make this room very inviting.  I could spend hours in here with a locked door.
Notice how the rug anchors this space and coordinates with the one in the living room.  The black stripe on the draperies really makes the ceilings feel taller than they really are.
This light "spa" blue is stunning with the black and white.  Love the black stripe around the bedspread, it speaks to you loud and clear when you enter this room.  Big bang for not a lot of buck.
This kitchen/bar area space is nice for a model home but a bit too "staged" or "stiff" for an every day home.  You definitely don't want things to be "matchy" matchy"
I'm calling it
The "Margaritaville House"
Lots of fun colors.  Very cheery and makes you happy when you enter.  Not sure if I could live every day with these colors but they are very friendly and welcoming.
Here we go again, layering textures.
Real flowers would be even more beautiful!  Of course they can't do that in a model home.  Remember this idea for fall floral arrangements (pumpkins, fall leaves, etc.)
Love the black frames against this margarita wall.  The lamp is really cool too.  Coordinates beautifully with the drapes without being exactly the same.  When purchasing a lamp, always turn it on in the store.  You never know what kind of light it is going to put out.  This one is beautiful for an accent lamp but wouldn't do much good for any task oriented business.
Less is more in an office.  You want things hidden away (sometimes unrealistic).  Bigger accessories add lots of style to a small space.
In a small space, open shelving is perfect because it opens up the room.  If these shelves had backs on them, the room would feel closed off.  Awesome how they put the two baskets on top of each shelf to create balance.  The shape of the basket handles is what makes this work so well too.
Leather always adds a ton of class.  These ottomans are very practical too.  Seating and game/drink space.
Peaceful room - not too overdone.
Love the chair.  Adding the brown and white is outside the box and makes you want to stay a while.   Notice the large accessory again.  Don't be afraid to use one or two large items instead of a bunch of nothing.
Does this say hotel or what?  I've already got the bath running.  The crisp towels and the "fresh like" flowers make you want to light a candle.  But...where's the chocolate?
Kids would love this bathroom.  Could be shared with guests too because it isn't too childish.
The round mirrors in this room make the ceiling feel taller.  Love how they go from small to large as they go down.  Usually you see the opposite.
Very fun how this room looks all grown up but adding the pink drapes still makes it "girlie".  The lettering on the wall would be loved by my girls.  Makes their room very personal.  The pillows add that pop of color that adds an eclectic flair.
A very masculine room. 
Large picture on the wall is all that is needed in this kitchin dining area.   Looks cleaner and adds tons of color to this small kitchen.  Chair cushions look comfortable too which is important for the table you use every day.

I'll have to remember this for Christmas time. Another great idea for napkins is to use ponytail holders.  There are all kinds of beautiful ones out there.  Bracelets are great too, especially wooden and stone ones!
I hope you enjoyed these snapshots and comments! 
Happy Friday and blessings on this country on 9-11.