Fabrics and platters

I met with a client today at a fabric store to select fabric for her ottoman and living room draperies for her beautiful home. 
 As I was leaving the fabric store, this fabric caught my eye.
I couldn't resist it. It will be perfect for my Thanksgiving Day tablecloth.
There are so many beautiful fall colors that are so incredibly vibrant and rich.  The splash of turquoise makes it even more fantastic.
There were 6 yards left on the bolt and I got the whole bolt for a song and I mean a SONG. 
On my way home, I saw an "Estate Sale" sign and decided to stop by even though it was 2:00 in the afternoon and I only had a few minutes.  Can you believe what was waiting for me?
Yes, for $4.00 I purchased this beautiful china platter.  Won't it go well with my new fabric? 
I love when it's that easy and a surprise!  I always enjoy setting the table for my guests but now I'm really thrilled and excited!
These are the two fabrics we ended up choosing for my client, aren't they great?
This piece of artwork in their living room is something they adore.  The colors were our inspiration for the fabric choices we made today!
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