What a little spray paint can do.

There is nothing wrong with this lampshade, nothing at all.  It's actually really beautiful.  However, I decided for the space it's in, it needed to be a different and lighter color.  I'm getting tired of these dark tones and want to lighten things up a bit in my home.  So without spending too much (my husband is a lucky man) I gave it a transformation on a budget.
It's a metal shade so of course spray paint is the ultimate solution.

I sprayed it a nice creamy white satin.  I painted the entire inside of it too. It use to be gold inside and didn't put out much light.  Now it's all fresh and puts out a LOT of light.

Quick change for under $5.00.  I think it will look even better when I spray it with a high gloss polyurethane. 
I'm happy and had a great decorating therapy session!  My hands are covered in paint but I needed a manicure anyway!  I got ahead of myself and didn't use those handy throw away gloves? 
Need a quick change and a "crafty" therapy session?  What can you spray paint today?
How about a silver shade for Christmas?  Metallic is all the rage right now!
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