Fall colors in my artwork

I definitely wouldn't call myself an artist, but I LOVE to experiment and try new things.  I'll browse through museums and get so inspired that I come home and get my paintbrush out.  I think what I really love is just making something creative from a blank canvas. I sometimes even paint over old canvas paintings that I've found at thrift stores.   I usually don't have a plan, I just start mixing colors and see what I come up with.  I usually end up with all the "fall" colors because that's what I LOVE.
 The one above hangs in my living room and I absolutely love the warm colors.  As I said in my previous post, they are my favorite to decorate with.  I added the nail heads to the painting because I loved the texture it added.  I created this using lots of tissue paper and sand and then added the acrylic paint.
This one hangs in my entry and I love these vibrant colors too.
This painting is hung in my bedroom and I love the black in it!  I used lots of texture paste on this one.
I gave this painting to my sister for Christmas a couple years ago.  I used burlap on the canvas first and then painted over it creating a  nice layered effect.
When I went to Africa last summer, I purchased some bark paper that had been died with "all natural" handmade dye.  You can see it in the middle of this canvas.  I added the paper to this canvas first with special canvas adhesive and then painted around it to create a "African" tribal feel.  I grew up there so I have to have something "African" in my house.  It now hangs in our game room. 

This one is one of my favorites.  Did it in the middle of the night one night because I couldn't sleep.  It is now on an easel on my kitchen counter.  I love the way the light reflects on it, making all the colors look so alive.
I donated this painting to our school last year and they auctioned it off to raise money for the PTA. 
As you can see, I'm not a very good artist but I'd rather have real paintings in my home than a bunch of nothing.  I need to change it up a little too and do some that aren't necessarily all "fall" colors.  Painting is great therapy to me.  I guess is it kind of like Gardener's that like to dig in the dirt. 

Did this one and added drapery rings to make it interesting. 
Kinda weird but I like it.
I've got some "new " ideas in my head and like most of you creative types, I've got a board with all my ideas and future projects posted so I'll get motivated.
 Here are a few....

Now all I need is wall space - Help!