Treasures of the week!

My favorite treasure of the week is this little stone chair.  It is actually a bookend but I saw it and thought it would be perfect for my business cards!  I'm actually going to be a part of the Colleyville Business Expo in November and think this will be a nice touch for my table.
This pillow I found at a garage sale today.  Don't you love the beautiful embroidery?  The pillow itself is in bad shape. The zipper is broken and the back is old and torn.  The embroidery is still beautiful, no snags at all.    I'm going to take the pillow apart and add a new back to the pillow (maybe an animal print - see below).  I'll post it once it is done.

Here you can see the beautiful embroidery.  The tassels are worn and old.  As soon as I saw this pillow I knew it was a treasure.  It was even more of one when I found out I only had to pay .50 for it!  I thought for sure the man was going to tell me some story about how his grandma made it, etc, etc. but he didn't!!!!   SCORE!  I almost felt like I needed to RUN to my car and make a big getaway!  You know I've done that before!

This nice large wrought iron cross is a candle holder.  I'm going to paint it and give it to the Auction for the Mom's in Touch basket that will be donated to Grapevine Elementary School's auction to raise money for the PTA.
Go here to find out more about this awesome prayer group for moms of school aged kids, it has blessed my families life!
These 2 "heavy" wrought iron side tables will find a home soon I'm sure!
This weekend I plan on wearing my mom hat which means taking the girls to birthday parties, putting away laundry, preparing for my "fall brunch" that I'm having on Saturday next week, planting flowers, getting my car washed, grocery shopping and whatever else that hat requires of me.  However, I do plan on curling up with my puppy (AVA) to read a few books that I've been wanting to catch up on.  One of my favorite blogs I follow, Joni Webb from Cote de Texas,  has lead me to a few that I'm dying to finish reading.  I'm going to make time to read them!!
Who can resist this little face!  Good thing she is cute because I discovered today that she pulled out all the stuffing from one of my couch pillows.  I wasn't happy!
Happy Weekend - may the sun keep shining!