Fall Randomness

Wrapped these books with wrapping paper this morning!
So last week my husband had surgery.  If you remember, he broke his femur 5 years ago (a motorcycle accident) and his leg has given him nothing but trouble since.  He had it fixed last week so now his leg should be good as new again.  Anyway, this week I've been playing nurse, mom, decorator, business owner, taxi driver, choir banquet coordinator
and housekeeper and it has been a bit overwhelming. 
Painted my gold mirror "high gloss white" and moved it into my entry.
 However, this weekend I'm enjoying having all the windows open since the weather is getting cooler!  I have had a chance to do some tweaking around MY house for a change.  My husband's friend came to pick him up to get him out of the house a bit so I'm enjoying a little bit of "me" and quiet time.
I had a chance to paint this "random" painting.  Decided to paint over the previous one I did about 10 years ago using new, fresh colors.  I woke up early and couldn't sleep so I got my acrylic paints out and started creating.  I think it represents the "chaos" that life  deals out sometimes but life is still beautiful amidst the chaos.
Now hung in my entry way, it goes beautifully with my other décor.
We have been blessed to have had our friends from church bring us meals each night this past week which has been an incredible help to me since my hubby is the cook  in this family!  So grateful for good friends in my life that have cared for us so well during this time. 
  Last night some of our friends dropped by with warm cookies and milk from Tiff's Treats.  So delicious and thoughtful.  If you haven't tried Tiff's Treats, they are amazing and they deliver to your door!
I'm ready for fall and next on my list is to get out all my fall décor as well as my winter clothes and boots!  I love this time of year.    Turquoise and orange = yummy!
  My colors in my home always go so beautifully with my fall décor so it gets me excited each year when I start pulling them out.  I've put two mercury glass pumpkins on top of my new vintage china cabinet and they look so pretty!  I love the way they reflect the light!
Last years décor!  Remember the tip I gave about how  clear shoe polish works beautifully to get pumpkins shiny!  Just make sure you buff really well.
 Happy Saturday Ya'll
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