Freshen up your "stiff" dining rooms and get people talking.

At this time of the year I get restless.  Right before summer starts I start dreaming more than usual about changing things up in my home. 
 Over the next few weeks, I thought I'd give you some quick suggestions you can make to spruce up your home.  Hopefully they will be ideas that will make you feel like you have done a transformation without going overboard on your budget.
I love INSTANT changes and I'm sure most of you do too.  My hope is that these images and my descriptions will give you some inspiration and desire to change things up with INSTANT results!
(Freshen up your "stiff" dining rooms)
(Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech)
Your chairs don't have to match.  I especially love mixing up a formal dining room.  Just changing 2 of the chairs can make a drastic difference to the feel of the room.  It can make the room go from "stiff" to "inviting"
(Dreamy Whites)
These folding chairs make the room look summery and beachy.  Perfect for kitchen dining areas.  It's not expensive to buy folding chairs like these and have a change for the summer months.
(Lisaleo Designs)
If you really like a FORMAL feel then make the end chairs different to the rest of the chairs.  Add a fun whimsical fabric that makes it more interesting and playful. 
The above room wouldn't be so fabulous if it didn't have the end chairs that add such a fun flair.  CHANGE up your dining rooms so that they are USED and not just FOR SHOW!  The less intimidating they look, the more people will enter the rooms.
(Fougeron Architecture)
This is a great mix if you have a modern style and are brave enough to really mix up styles.  The end chairs make the table feel less stark and adds some history to the mix (also coordinates with the antique buffet).  You can find these kinds of chairs at resale stores or your local thrift stores and have them recovered for a whole lot less than replacing all the chairs.
(Glen Gissler Designs)
How about getting rid of the chairs and adding two painted benches?  Red and black together always make a great combination.  Great look for a space that isn't used often but you want it to be striking.
Slipcovers is a great way to transform a room without spending too much. 
(Lorraine G. Vale)
These slip covered chairs are beautiful in this room.  Don't you love how they put the orange at the bottom of the skirt to tie into the wall color.    This is a perfect grouping for a room that you are just not sure what to do with (like a small front living area that isn't really big enough for entertaining). 
(Nurif geffin-batim Studio)
Old farm chairs with a bench is always a great way to add style and also adds lots of seating for little ones.
(Rachel Reider Interiors)
Maybe you have a couch like the above somewhere in your home that just isn't speaking to you.  Try it with your dining room table and see what it looks like.  You may even have one in storage?
(Rachel Reider Interiors)
 Imagine how boring this room would be without the side armless couch.  It's a little tall compared to the chairs but they balanced it with the vases they placed on the table.
(Country Living)
Oh, I'm loving this casual setting.  Old and new all mixed up together!  A space that looks lived in will be USED!  In my house, this would be a "chat with my girlfriends" kind of nook.  Don't you want your dining room space to be used?  Amazing wall color in this photo!
(Decor Pad)
Shop around your house and add a wingback chair to your dining room table mix.
(Decor Pad)
Makes me want to sit over a long dinner and have great conversation. The blue walls are gorgeous too.
Maybe you already have this look but have a drab color on the walls.  PAINT, PAINT, PAINT.
(Rebekah Zaveloff)
Loads of mixed up modern character!
(Sutton Suzuki Architects)
These were probably pretty boring parson chairs and now they have fancy pleated skirts that adds a feminine spin without being too girlie.  Very classy and the pleats are beautiful with the lines of the wood floor.  You know I'm all about the details.
(Teneke Triggs)
You may have a set of dining room chairs right now that are all matching.  Take the two end chairs and reupholster them in a lively fabric.  Immediately you will have a quick change for little money.  Again, imagine this dining room with all the same color chairs.  Wouldn't be so fun now would it?
See all the chairs don't have to match. Do remember you want the colors to coordinate. This is so my personal style! 
Shop around your home and accumulate a collection around your table.
(Cottage Living)
(Cottage Living)
Eclectic and full of fun!  Doesn't it make you wonder who lives here and what kind of personality they have? 
Make your rooms a place that makes others curious about you!
An old chair painted white to match the slipcovers.  The gray stripe is stunning with the wall color.
PAINT YOUR FURNITURE FOR A QUICK CHANGE.  The above table painted black is immediately the focal point in this room.
Perfect mixed up combination for a wine cellar.
If you are really on a tight budget, just change out the seat cushions for a fabulous tranformation that everyone will talk about.
I challenge you to mix your dining room chairs up, even restaurants do it!
I look forward to sharing more quick updates for your home over the next few weeks.
Don't forget about your outdoor dining space too!
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