Front yard therapy

We are slowly working on some of our front yard landscaping.    My husband and I enjoy working together on projects and I find it relaxing & good therapy to make things look nice.  I love renewing or improving and thankfully my husband does too.

This past weekend, my 16 year old nephew worked incredibly hard in our front yard.  I had two very large bushes in front of the porch that totally blocked my view and blocked the light in my entryway.  They were overgrown and covered part of the walkway. They grew fast too and constantly needed trimming in order for guests to be able to pass through to my front porch without getting poked to death by a prickly bush.
He REMOVED the bushes (replanted in the backyard) and we replaced them with these large concrete planters.  The scale of the planters works well with the height of the house now.  My friends and family will be glad to know that they won't be attacked by the bushes now when they come visit.
For now, I've filled each one with a large pumpkin for the season.
As you can see, I've got some work to do in the flowerbeds now.  One project always starts another.  This weekend I'll be adding some pebbles and a border to finish it off.
I plan on adding some boxwood topiaries to the urns once the fall season is over.
.  This is what it should look like.  I'll have fun decorating for the holidays with these mini Christmas trees.  I'll add some ivy around the edges so it cascades down the urn.

Now we just need this Texas weather to cooperate with us!!!  It's still so hot.  86 degrees yesterday!