"Using what you have" window treatments

I've been working with an amazing couple for about 4 years now.  I helped them with their first home with all the accessories, draperies, furniture, etc. and I feel like I made their house feel like home, I think they feel the same way!  It was good fun to watch the house transform!  Everything we purchased made the house look polished, classy and it definitely looked its best.
They moved about a year ago and were able to take all the items we purchased with them!  Of course their home sold very quickly because it was decorated and the detail showed off the home beautifully.
They were able to take some of the drapery panels we had made with them to their new house.  However, some of them didn't fit their new windows.  I suggested that instead of having new draperies made we could "use what we have" but add some fabric to the bottom to make the length work.  They agreed to my idea and I went on a fabric hunt.
The fabric that I found compliments the decorative trim beautifully, don't you think?
So here's what we did.
Added 12" to the bottom of the panel.
I believe that if you are going to use retail draperies and bump them up a notch with trim, additional fabric, etc. it is important that you don't skimp on the hardware.  The hardware is what can make or break the way your drapes look.  They are the jewelry that finish off the look!  If your outfit is beautiful, you can ruin it with the wrong jewelry.  Same concept goes for draperies.
In this dining room, we incorporated some of the items that were passed down from their family members that had some special meaning to them. 
One drapery panel on each side of the window and they add height, interest, color and a finished look to the room.  This window was a tricky one to work with because of all the trim and the arch.  I love it when draperies don't cover up the whole window but add to the architecture and enhance the space they are in.
What do you have that you can dress up and reuse?