Geometric fabrics & Blue Master Bedroom

My Intern and I had a great install yesterday afternoon for a wonderful retired couple that needed a master bedroom revamp!  I've really enjoyed working with my intern, Audra, she is a lovely high school student who is going into Interior Design when she goes off to college next year! 
 She is an honor student and is excited about an Interior Design career.  I hope to have her working along side me the rest of her senior year which is an amazing opportunity for me and for her!  It was especially helpful because I've lost my voice and could hardly communicate!
If you know me, I don't do the "matchy matchy" thing. 
My clients had friends over from out of town so they were in the living room waiting anxiously while they sipped wine.  It was fun to hear them enjoying each other as they had a wine tasting of several different wines they had purchased!   They were so excited for the reveal!
Mixing it up makes it WAY more interesting. You don't want your "custom" space to look like it was a bed in a bag where all the fabrics are the same. 
At least that's what I prefer for my designs.
The boxes on the bed are filled with chocolates now.  However, they can be used later for putting items that you want to hide to alleviate the clutter (medicines, remotes, tissues, etc.)
We had all the bedding custom made (my workroom is fantastic) and then incorporated some of the items the client had already into the design. 
This beautiful tapestry is important to them and is  from their travels together.  Therefore, the colors were my inspiration  for the room.  They really wanted this treasure placed in their bedroom. 
It really looks great with the new fabrics would you say?  They already had the bed, dressers and side tables so I was happy to incorporate them into the design.
They have a beautiful home on the golf course and love to bird watch. 
 I thought the lamps I chose were perfect for them and I couldn't believe I found them!
   I especially love the velvet pillow shams with the bedspread fabric on the cording.  Really pulls all the colors together.  DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS.  Soft cotton down filled pillows are a nice contrast against the velvet.
My client absolutely loves every shade of blue so we added this amazing bed skirt to the bed.  I'm  just crazy about this geometric pattern and the pleating is not too fussy.
I always love to add an unexpected pop of color to my designs.  In this room it was an apple green pillow with a crisp linen floral medallion pattern.  A happy surprise in this traditional bedroom.  My job is to stretch my clients a little which means taking risks and stretching them a bit.  I chose several fabrics for them to choose from for the bedding and then fortunately they completely trusted me in the pillow selections (I've decorated her entire home so we've built that trust :)  and she LOVED the combinations we selected!
Shhhh.....we tucked a few chocolates under their pillows!
We added some new towels and bath mats to their bathroom too and they feel like butter!  Soft and luxurious.  NEVER skimp on towels and linens.  Spend more money on these items that you come in contact with each time you step out of the bath or shower.
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