Good Old Fashioned Summer Fun

I LOVE summer, mainly because it is filled with fun outdoor activities with the kids.  Our family loves good old fashioned fun!  Time at the park, in the pool, on the lake, camping, etc. 
Here is a glimpse into our first 2 weeks of summer.
Jumping off the top deck of the party barge.
Great catch.  All in the freezer, ready for the fish fry once it gets cooler.
Soaking up the sun in my pool!
Tubing with friends.
Rides to the park on scooters that Oppa fixed up for them!
Amazing sunsets and gorgeous sailboats.
Water Volleyball games in the pool with the family.  Makes it kind of hard with the 4 of us but it can be done.  I will need a pedicure after a few games though.
Hope you are taking time to enjoy the summer when you can.  I so enjoy hearing the kids voices here at home while I work.  I also love when they come with me to shop for clients or just run errands.
The sink is full of dishes, and the fridge seem to empty out faster than ever.  Breakfasts are cooking later than usual and sometimes I even get to give them my request :) In the middle of the day I might smell brownies cooking and loud music coming from the kitchen while the dishes are being washed. The smoothie machine is constantly making new concoctions while the girls enjoy laying out by the pool with friends.
The house is constantly loud and full of friends and guests.  It seems like I'm running here, there and everywhere giving the girls rides to all their activities & babysitting jobs.  In the middle of that I have clients to visit and jobs to supervise.    The crazy part is that I LOVE it. 
 These days will be gone soon and I'm so glad I can enjoy their time off for summer, it's my favorite time of year. 
Crazy girls....Found as my screen saver on my phone!
Counting my blessings in the chaos of summer!  Hoping to teach the girls to take time to "chill out" as well.  I love when I see them laying on the couch or hammock out back with a good book and just enjoying being home.
  What are you doing with the kids this summer?  Hope you find time to stop the rat race and enjoy some good old fashioned summer fun!
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