American Flags Amongst Us

I've been going down memory lane this week looking at photo's of my kids when they were little.  I'm taking all our family pictures and making them into a bound photo book.  Of course once you start looking at photos you get lost in time and before you know it, it's time for the next meal. 
Here are a few from past 4th of July events, etc.  My girls were such cuties.
I'm framing this one! 
Snow cones before our neighborhood bike parade!
All set to go with our 4th of July shirts!
We were younger and skinnier back then :(
Great memories.  Our neighborhood did this every year.  Wagons, bicycles, etc. all decked out with the fire department in the lead.  The girls use to look forward to it every year.
I've been saving these images of American flags that captivated me!  Thought I'd share some of them with you.
Flag against the full sun
against the sunrise
against the sunset
under water
 in the rain
in the snow
in the wind
 on top of mountains
in the desert
on the beach
against the sky
in space
amongst Oklahoma Tornado rubble
on a sailboat
on back of a boat
with wildflowers
 at the lake 
 on rocks
on glass
with nature
in the classroom
on a lawn
 with palm trees
on bridge
 on the road
  on a farm
on the side of a building
on a face
on a cat (wow)
on shoes and graffiti
on a body
with our troops
in memory of.......
Happy 4th of July let the flags fly high this weekend!
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