Grapevine Historical Candlelight Tour & other

The 3rd Annual Candlelight Tour of Homes in Grapevine, TX will take place from 4-8 p.m. on Saturday, October 24 Downtown Grapevine.  The tour of homes will allow participants to take a walking tour of 6 homes and some new homes in the historic district of Grapevine. 

Click here for more information.  Tickets are $10.00 a person!
Just thought this would be fun for those of you that live around here!


On another note, today I was at Dollar Tree picking up some candy for Halloween.  I thought I'd take a quick browse to see if what I posted yesterday is true at our LOCAL Dollar Tree.  I  found some awesome items and thought I'd give you some ideas, you can pay me later!

These FABRIC place mats are perfect for fall.  Add some solid burnt orange or brown plates and a white bowl or salad plate and it would be beautiful.  A striped napkin with all these colors would add some style.

They didn't have cloth napkins (probably wouldn't be good quality anyway) but they did have these awesome striped paper napkins that coordinate beautifully.  Spend more money on your cloth napkins because they are not just decorative.  They are touched and used by your guests and you don't want it to be "cheap."  However, the place mat wouldn't be handled much, it's more decorative and acts as a backdrop for your dinnerware or china.
This would be a fun gift to give a teacher, friend, neighbor, as a thank you, etc.  Put 4 in a basket with napkins and some striped paper plates (they have ones that match the paper napkins) and you are good to go for around $8.00.  Everything in the store is $1.00  You could also add some fall chocolates to the mix as an added bonus.  I've seen leaf shaped ones that are adorable.
These mugs are darling and would be a perfect gift certificate to Starbucks or a local restaurant.  So much better than just a card and gift card inside.  It's all about the packaging!  Put some pink and black polka dot tissue paper in the mug and it will coordinate with the apron on this stylish diva.  You could even cut up the tissue paper in a shredder and use it like that too!
You could even fill it with a small pack of coffee or some chocolate covered spoons.
Give a set of 4 mugs with 4 place mats.  The mugs could be different or give 2 and 2.
You could even fill them with homemade cookies (wrapped in cellophane).
Tie with a gorgeous ribbon and it looks like you splurged!
Just wanted to show you how much fun it is to scope out the "dollar" stores around you for creative gifts for the holiday season.  If you think ahead then you get the good stuff.  It flies off the shelf if you wait until December 1st, you'll be out of luck.
   We are all looking for ways to cut back this year - here is one way!