Happy Rooms

I've been stashing away pictures throughout the year that capture me and make my heart beat faster. You probably have something in your life that makes you get really excited. Well...mine is design and I know that it is a passion because when I see a picture that I LOVE in a magazine, book or on the Internet my whole body responds. I can feel my blood pressure rising from the excitement and my imagination goes wild. I start to think about ways that I can incorporate all the details of the picture into a client's home I'm working on or sometimes to my house. I get so inspired and it makes me feel exhilarated. It's fun to have something you LOVE in your life. I'm extremely blessed that I get to do what I love everyday.

Here are a few pictures that inspired me and got me excited. Thought I'd share my favorites and why.

1. The focal point in this room is definitely the mirror that is used as the headboard. What makes it so stunning is its grandeur. It goes all the way to the ceiling. Another thing that creates beauty is the distressed look on the mirror. The aged mirror compliments the aged matlesse coverlet that is on the bed.

2. The beautiful "spa like" paint color is so restful and inviting, allowing you to see the beauty of everything in the room.

3. The draperies add more texture and height to the room because of their color and the contrast against the paint color. The bench makes a loud statement too and it brings all the colors together.

I LOVE the simplicity of this room:

1. The monochromatic colors make it soothing.

2. The cream furniture gives a simple feeling to the room .

3. The rustic wood coffee table really adds some casual character to the space.

4. The cream draperies look amazing, especially since they are hung on a black rod. The rod acts as if it were the eyebrow to the drapes, finishing it off and making them look so classy.

5. The painting is not too strong for the space but adds amazing color and interest to the fireplace, especially since there is no mantel.

6. I always say that every room should have a touch of black. The touch of black in this room is the lamp and it really looks sophisticated along with the ethnic baskets along the fireplace.

7. My favorite thing in the room is the sea grass rug, it grounds the space and gives is a nice neutral palette for the wood furniture to sit on.

Wow, talk about having black in a room. I don't know if I would be so brave as to have this room as my own but I love the way it looks. The reason the black works is because it's balanced.

1. The tall black wood headboard has some balance because of the LARGE credensa at the foot of the bed.

2. Of course they then put an arrangement on the credensa to add more height, therefore making the two work together.

3. The rich black color with the soft toille red compliment each other well and they make a good marriage.

4. I love the "modern" mixed with a touch of "upscale country".

5. The chandelier really softens the black too with it's traditional lines and crystals, adding another interesting element to the room.

6. The columns on each side of the bed as well as the painting with coordinating colors again creates the overall balance. Without the painting, the black would feel too overpowering but the painting makes it work.

This kitchen is fabulous and this is why:

1. The mix of wood finishes adds character. Putting the white cabinets above with the tile work makes the room feel bigger. Adding the dark wood gives it character.

2. The painted ceiling is the focal point of the entire room.

3. The backsplash has all the colors that the ceiling motif has.

4. The light fixture is different and unexpected.