Treasured Gifts

My Nephew who is 18 gave this to me this past weekend. On my birthday he said he had something for me and would give it to me as soon as he could. I had no idea what it could be. Well, he drew this picture in his art class and thought I would be the right person for it. I WILL treasure it and love to get gifts like this. THANK YOU BRYCE! You have talent.

My friend Carolyn Ann is so very talented. She made me this amazing bracelet! She personalized it just for me. She cut out all the individual words & pictures from magazines that she thought represented me the most and decoupaged them onto this bracelet. I have been wearing it to death. It even has a Starbucks logo inside the bracelet! I love you Carolyn Ann, thank you for making this for me! What a special gift! I posted several pictures so you could see every detail!