Hardware - The jewelry for your furniture

Every outfit needs an amazing piece of jewelry to make it complete.  Sometimes it's a ring, other times it's a necklace, earings, a stunning bracelet, a pair of sunglasses, or an incredible belt.  It adds your personality to your style.  Of course the shoes and purse can make or break the outfit too!
Adding jewelery to a casual outfit is so stylish as well.  Who said shorts can't be dressed up?
I recently bought a few rings to add to my jewelry collection.  I love large rings.  My family often mocks me for wearing such big ones but hey, I love them and that's all that counts.
Aren't they cute?

I feel the same way about furniture pieces.  The hardware that is on the piece is what makes it stand out and have character and personality.  I went shopping yesterday for hardware for a piece that I'm painting right now.  There are SO many selections and I had a blast selecting just what I wanted.
This dresser is so boring, try adding some of the knobs I found yesterday to it and you would have something totally different.

All these are so incredible and would change up any piece, creating whatever style you want.  Sophisticated, childlike, masculine, whimsical, religious or rustic.

You can make an antique piece look modern, a modern piece look like an antique, a masculine piece look more feminine, etc. etc. just by adding new hardware to the furniture.
I love following Jennifer on The magic brush blog.  She repaints all kinds of furniture pieces and almost ALWAYS adds beautiful hardware to each piece, making it complete.  She will inspire you!
I'm crazy about "quick change" so here's one for you. Go change out a few knobs and see the quick transformation!  It's thrilling to spend little and get a large impact.  Just like buying a ring, they aren't expensive but they can add some spunk to your outfit!