Decorating tip for the day

I was at an Antique Mall today and saw this wonderful grouping of old antique bells. 
So many times I get asked by my clients "what can I hang on my walls?"   I often encourage my clients to find objects that aren't your typical wall art.  It's easy to get stuck just hanging the ordinary in your space like mirrors, family pictures, paintings, wrought iron pieces, etc.  Those are all great things to decorate with but I want to challenge you to try to find "collections" or "groupings"  to incorporate into your home.  These collections often become the focal point of a room or a great conversation piece.  They also makes a home feel like the items have been collected over time.
Love this collection of art/pictures with the same color frames.
Another suggestion for your "groupings/collections" is to create a backdrop for those items.  You could paint a square in a wonderful bold color before you hang the collection and you will find that the items pop and speak loudly in the room!
You can also find an old frame (with no glass), hang it on the wall and then put your items inside that frame. 
Wouldn't this collection be great in a little girls bathroom or bedroom?
Have fun finding your collection!