Herb Garden Inspirations

I've been contemplating planting an herb garden for the past few years but haven't done it yet.  Each time  we cook something delicious we often wish we had fresh herbs at our fingertips.
Photo from Park Hill Collections - Wooden herb plant stakes (love them)
 Instead of a large herb garden, I've finally decided to plant some herbs in pots right outside my back door.  This will get me a good start!    After some research, I've found that they suggest five herbs for a beginner’s garden; chives, parsley, rosemary, thyme and basil.   I'll wait until Spring to get started.  I've also learned that purchasing the plants from your nursery already grown is the best way to begin instead of starting with seeds.  Any comments from you gardeners out there?
I'm very inspired by this photo and would love to have a wooden table instead of the wicker above.  Layering pots and finding ones with different textures is what I would like to create.
Photo from Park Hill Collections
Isn't this antiqued herb chest of drawers wonderful with the herb labels?  What about the picket fence mirror?  Both make me crazy!
I found this picture of an old damaged basket that they created into a pretty planter at the edge of the garden. They used it to fill the basket with soil and then nursed tender herb seedlings until they were large enough (at least 6 inches tall) to transplant into the garden or a larger container. GREAT IDEA!
I'm afraid at my house our squirrels would find this too much of a temptation. It might inspire someone else out there though!
Photo from Velvet and Linen
Brooke Giannetti from Velvet and Linen has inspired me so much.  This bakers rack could be filled with herbs?   She is an incredible designer and loves making outdoor spaces look beautiful.   Visit her amazing blog and see some of the outdoor projects she has created for her homes. Go here to be consumed with her work and create a new addiction (along with me) to her blog and website.

Photo courtesy of Velvet and Linen
Photo courtesy of Velvet and Linen
Join me in preparing for our Spring herb potted garden!  Let me know in tips you have learned and I can't wait to see what transpires.  I've heard that once you have fresh herbs there is no turning back.