Home owner personalizing their space with color

I've been working with a client over the last week or so that just purchased this beautiful home. 
They were originally going to move into the house in about 3-4 four weeks but things got moved up and they needed us to make a move on things and get the home ready within about a week and a half. 
We put a RUSH on things and immediately started absolute craziness in their home.  I selected paint colors for several of the rooms and the painters got started right away. 
Here is the entry in progress. 
The paint is still wet here so it has a terrible sheen.  The color is Sherman Williams (Cavern Clay).
It will really make this decorate molding stand out!
Sorry for the reflection in this photo.
We got a move on in their master bathroom too!
Yesterday their bathroom looked like the above.....
Today it looks like this.....
My client was feeling overwhelmed with all the decisions that had to be made so quickly and said "I TRUST YOU TO PICK WHAT I LIKE."  I took her word for it and found exactly what I KNEW she would be happy with.   I ordered the tile and the installer arrived the next day! 
 This quick process is the beauty in having an interior decorator making all the decisions for you.  It speeds up the process and makes things HAPPEN.
These are the selections I made.
By the time I arrived at the clients house this a.m, the tile guy had things laid out just like I suggested so we could talk it through with my client.  All is a go and they should finish the tile work today!!
They built a bench in the shower and put in a niche too!  Thank you Tommy and Mr. Flores for your dedication to me and my client's.
As if all this wasn't enough, in the living room, the wood guys were refinishing the floors.  They put a few color examples down for us so we could choose the "new" stain.  The floors weren't taken care of by the previous owner so they needed some TLC.  
I'll keep you posted as things come along as this project progresses.
  In the meantime, I'm shopping, shopping, shopping for lots of items for about 3 others fun projects.
Here is a sneak peak at what I've been up to.
I fell in love with this burlap lamp and shade.
I crabbed these pillows before anyone else saw them!  I'm going to have a hard time giving these away.
Couldn't resist this beautiful piece.  It weighs 15 pounds.
These rustic frames are crying for some good artwork and I know exactly what will go in them.
Won't this urn look great with the arrangement below.  It will give it some height.
Happy Thursday to you all!  Keep cool!