How Lucky Am I!!! Pajama Party Diva's

Last weekend I hosted a pajama party at my house just to celebrate my friends!
Everyone is talking these days about our economy being so bad and my friends and family members are losing jobs left and right. My friends have always been important to me but now more than ever. Things get hard in our lives and we have so many struggles. I feel blessed to have been given such quality friends. Some have been clients that have turned into friends. The last few years, life got so hectic that I stopped entertaining as much as I wanted to. This year I decided that I was going to make being together with friends and family in my home a priority. This was the first of many parties this year to celebrate the people I'm so lucky to have all around me. So many of us are running around's so nice to stop....stop.....stop......and appreciate......appreciate......appreciate.....what we have!

I wasn't sure if everyone would actually show up in their pajamas but they did! We had such fun just laughing and enjoying each other. Events like these are such an easy way to sit and take a moment with those you love. It took some planning on my part but everyone brought their favorite munchie and we ordered pizza. We stayed up late catching up with each other and some even spent the night.