I'd like to be the trash man!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while.  My computer died!  It's at the dr's office in surgery as we speak.  It's having to have a total heart transplant.  I almost died along with it!  Luckily I have been backing up everything and I'm going to be in good shape as soon as it gets home.  If any of you need a great computer service company go to User Friendly Consultants, they have been fabulous to me!!
I've started a new routine of walking each morning (use to do this all the time and got out of the habit) and it has been such a wonderful reminder of how our bodies need exercise and how much better you feel when you do!  The best thing about walking is the music you listen to.  I downloaded some new tunes and wow what a gift music is to our souls, especially when you are out in such beautiful weather! 
As I was walking today, I found the above treasure sitting on the curb waiting to be picked up by the trash man.  Looks like it was a base to something wonderful.  Boy, sometimes I wish I was the trash man...I'd be rich with treasures!  I tried to pick it up, way too heavy,  and thought I could carry it home but oh how funny I'd look???  My dog already pulls me frantically, that's just how she walks.  I already get people pointing at me and laughing because we are a sight to be seen.  She hops like a rabbit if you can imagine that!  My right arm is getting really buff because of the strain.
Wish we could walk peacefully like this picture.
I came home, jumped in the car and went back and got it!  I placed it in my flower bed but will figure out what to put on top of it.   I know I'll find the perfect thing!
Back of chair so you can see the original color.
During my thrift store shopping this week, I found this wicker/rawhide chair.  I know that blue is the new color trend but this blue???  No, no.... I can't handle that!  Reminds me too much of the 80's when pink and blue were the "in style" and we had that combination all over our homes.  I know you know what I'm talking about.
I've started working on the transformation but haven't finished it yet.  It looks better already!  I'm doing a "leather brown" first coat and am going to finish it off with a "walnut" stain.  The rawhide is what makes it so special and it's in decent shape.
One of my dear friends found these columns for me at a garage sale and passed them on to me.  What good friends I have!  I'm going to use them in my garden somewhere and can't wait to give them a new home!
Take yourself on a walk today and see what treasures you can find!