Jeweled Christmas Tree

We went away for Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time in East Texas with our family. 
We did some shopping in Jefferson and I visited all their wonderful antique shops.  I found this authentic, unique and creative work of art hanging in one of the shops and I was immediately drawn to it.
Old vintage beads, earings, broaches, pins, rings, buckles, charms, etc. all mounted on black velvet and then shaped into a beautiful Christmas tree.  Brilliant!  Can you imagine the thought, detail, patience and time that went into placing each piece.
Isn't it stunning? 
Now this is what I call a treasure! Can you imagine having something like this?  Especially if all of the jewels were collected from your family over generations!
Here are a few that I found online that might inspire you to make your own!
Found on ebay
Of course, the above jewels are not vintage but you get the idea.  This would be a great project for teenage girls.
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Have a great week!
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