Ruthie's tips for your holiday decorating

If you are like me, the day after Thanksgiving is when all the Christmas decorating starts.
Here are a few tips for you as you unpack all your treasures.
When unpacking your Christmas wreaths, spend some time tweaking them.  Adjust the branches, make the bow look fresh and new. Add a new bow if it's crumpled.  This is one of the biggest mistakes people make and it takes 2 minutes to give it a little TLC.  Same goes for your Christmas Tree.

I found this wreath container at Target for $9.99 and it keeps things from getting all tired and worn out.
Cluster your collections together in a grouping.  If you have Santas for instance, put them all in the same place so they have more of an impact rather than all spread out.
Put away all your "cutsey" Christmas decorations.  Put those in the kids areas.  Keep your living room decluttered and don't overdecorate your living room space.
Add fur or fun fabric to your existing stockings to make them look a little different this year.
Hang ornaments from your chandeliers.
This was my chandelier last year.
Make a craft with your kids.  Here is one:
Create your own "peace sign" wreath together.  Foam wreath, hot glue gun and ornaments and you can get really creative.

Purchase at Pier One Imports if you don't want to make it!

Hang ornaments in areas where you don't expect them to be hung.  Add one to the end of your drapery rods or in your kitchen window, it adds sparkle to your room.

Country Living

Hang a piece of fresh garland from your pump soap with a ribbon.  Or you could paint this dispenser with something festive.  Doesn't it look like an ornament?  Paint a white snowflake on the front for instance.

Found at
Decorate the places that you see and are in the most.  Add a touch of Christmas to your Master bedroom.  Maybe it is garland around your vanity or dresser, maybe it's just a fresh wreath on your wall.
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 You don't have to use all red and green.  Mix it up. 
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Country Living
Tie beautiful ribbon around your guest towels/bathroom towels.

 Add fresh garland to your artificial garland, it makes things smell beautiful and it looks fuller too.
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STOP and savor a cup of flavored coffee or tea or your favorite hot chocolate to make yourself enjoy the season.  Don't just drive thru, I challenge you to go inside and sit for a while.  My favorite hot drink is the eggnog latte at Starbucks.


Pine Cones are an inexpensive accessory for the Christmas season.  Spray paint them all silver or copper or ice blue and place them in a large bowl on your dining room table or in front of your fireplace.  Make garland out of your pine cones, so natural and easy.

Country Living
Love how they made these pinecones into trees on the mantel, brilliant.
Buy red/gold,/silver pillowcases and place them over your dining or kitchen chairs to dress them up for the occasion.  Inexpensive and it looks like a slipcover.  Make sure you press/iron them before you place them on your chairs or it will look "cheap"
You can add beautiful ribbon with iron on tape to make them look a little  more custom.

Don't forget about your bookshelves.  Add a picture of your family together during the holidays or place an ornament on a shelf that sparkles or shines.

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 Use your china everyday during the month of December.  Teach your kids how to enjoy the beauty of luxury.
Photo by DecRenew Interiors
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 Purchase some inexpensive mugs that are festive and use those during December for you and your guests.  

 Get out all your crystal candle holders, sugar bowls, etc. that you got for your wedding gifts and make a grouping of crystal. Put a votive candle in each one and enjoy. 

Press thumbtacks in your candles that spells something like
 Use wrapping paper as a runner on your table or cut the size of a place mat with fun edged scissors and place under each place setting.
Hang a wreath inside an empty flea market frame
If you buy glass candle votives this year, purchase ones that have some beautiful etchings.  When lit they look fantastic.  They don't have to be "Christmas" that way you can enjoy them all year.
A cluster of these would be amazing on a mirrored tray along with some pinecones and ornaments!
Find a fun place to hang some candycanes.
In my entry last year.
Your Christmas Tree skirt doesn't have to be a pre-made purchased skirt.  Why not use left over fabric or a couple faux fur throws.  White is beautiful too!
Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful as you celebrate with those that you love.  Enjoy this time as you make your home festive for the Christmas Season.
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