The Joy of Spraypaint

Every woman loves instant gratification.  I was given this LARGE sconce by my sister and brother in law about 6 months ago.  They found it at a garage sale and knew that I would call it a treasure!
 This weekend while sorting through my storage unit getting ready for my Master Bedroom Installation this week, I rediscovered this sconce.  It's so beautiful that I had to haul it out right away.  I got totally distracted from what I was originally doing and got my spray paint out to give it an INSTANT tranformation.  It's in my blood....kind of like animal lover's that pick up stray dogs and cats.  I feel that I have to renew a treasure that has been sitting on a shelf for a while ignored. 
The sconce wasn't too bad before but it had some gold in it that I didn't like and gave it a dated look. 
I wanted a fresh new look.  I thought maybe I'd add an umber glaze to it but am contemplating leaving it as it is.  Your thoughts, comments?
Love the spraypaint with the new nozzle.  Doesn't ruin your nails and for big jobs it's so much easier on that pointer finger.
I always keep plenty of spray paint on hand, it does wonders!  It's so much fun to watch the changes before your eyes!
Happy Monday!