Jumping for joy over pumpkins and mums

Yes this is real, can  you believe the color???  I actually jumped up and down when I found these at the Colleyville Farmers Market today!
I went into this local market because they ALWAYS have beautiful mums for the fall. 
Here is one of the ones I purchased for my front porch.  You can see where I put the old antique shovel that I posted about a month ago.  I'll find some raffia to tie around it and it will be perfect.
I had to have this "perfect" pumpkin - crazy about the color!
Notice the sheen on them.  I asked how they do this and one of the worker's at the market told me they wash them really well, getting ALL the dirt off the pumpkins.  They then dry them really well and spray a satin sheen on them.  You need a very light coat because apparently it can run!
Try doing this yourself, I'm sure you'll have great success and your pumpkins will be divine!  Doesn't the sheen look incredible.   I'm loving mine!

Visit Colleyville Farmers Market.  Very friendly staff and incredible fresh vegies and fruit.  They also have a variety of homemade dips and sauces which my family has grown to LOVE!

Colleyville Farmers Market

5409 Colleyville Blvd
Colleyville, TX 76034-5834
(817) 427-2333‎