Spain and then Paris

I'm incredibly excited because we're taking our family to Spain for 10 days in November.   We've been planning this trip for a few months now and can't wait to see our friends that live there.  They are going to show us around and give us all the inside scoop. My husband and I both grew up overseas so traveling is in our blood. 

We both can't wait to see some of the sights but most of all we are looking forward to just living in the culture.  I want to go to all the non touristy places, eat where the locals eat and go to the markets that the locals go to.  Our friends have all the spots since they have been there for 2 years now.  This makes us really excited!  My husband is an incredible cook so he can't wait to find a great recipe, go to the local market and cook us all an amazing dinner! 

I will be driving around local neighborhoods taking pictures too!
Last week the two husbands called each other and planned an additional detail to our trip.  I love a man that plans a trip!  When I came home one day last week, he had a look of glee written all over his face.  I knew he was up to something.  He said "well, we're going to fly over Paris for 3 days while we're in Spain."  Okay, I had to sit down because I was SO SO excited.  My daughter's were both bouncing off the walls with me.
Now I get to talk to my friends at the The Red Shed Antiques  so they can give me all their flea market shopping spots to go to since they go every year!  They also own a travel agency so have all the great experiences to share!
I know I'm going to find some treasures and that thrills me!  I'm already clearing things out in my house to make room for the new things!  The last time we went to England, my husband hauled back an old engine for the vintage car he was restoring.  We had to wrap it, haul it, get the monstrocity through customs, pay lots of $$$ for it to get through customs, make sure it had no oil leaking,  and to top it off I got incredibly embarrased when it came off the luggage belt.  It made a horrible LOUD clunk when it landed and all eyes were on us!!  Now it's my turn, ha!  This is a great time to remind him of what I've done for him.  I can bring back whatever I want to, and believe me I will.
The countdown is beginning!
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