K Hovnanian Homes Model in Colleyville

Yesterday I finally got a chance to go in and see a beautiful model home here in Colleyville.  The home is not far from me and I've been dying to take a tour for a couple weeks now.
When you have an addiction like I have when it comes to interior design, seeing signs like this make you go crazy, especially if you are going from client to client and don't have a second to go in and check it out.

Thank you Aleasha Ross for showing me around!  She wasn't sure who their decorator was in this home but is going to find out for me so I can put a link to his website.
I thought the pictures I took would be fun to share with you and hopefully give you some ideas for your home.  I tried to capture lots of the accessories, more than the entire room, that way you could really see some ideas up close and personal.
This is a beautiful neighborhood.  They are single family homes and range from the 360's on up.  Cool thing is that they do all the exterior upkeep!
These pictures should give you a great taste of the homes quality as well as a chance to see the beautiful decor.
This is the home I'm going to take you in!
Warm inviting front door.  Great thing about it was that it is a dark ebony on the inside.
Come in with me!
Formal Dining Area
When I entered this house, I was totally struck by the beautiful colors - always a good idea to use vibrant colors for the room that is right off your entry.  Of course in this model home it's especially good because you want future buyer's to LOVE the house within the first few minutes of being in the space.  The more inviting you can make it the better.  This goes for your home too.  Your guests should feel welcome and relaxed when entering. 
Color can make that statement for you!
Window overlooks the community fountain.
The feel in this room is very calming but it also has great pops of color.  There is a modern and traditional feel to this space which makes it understated with nothing too formal or off-limits. 
Every family wants their home to be functional and practical!  However just because it's functional and practical doesn't mean it can't be gorgeous!
The living room and kitchen flow seamlessly into each other.  The house is filled with lots of light which is very important in a home.
Great idea for place mat - fold in corners for decorative look for a dinner party.
The leaf motif is beautiful and adds texture.  It coordinates nicely with the rug too.  Love how it goes different directions.
Consider using round rugs in your kitchen areas.

Love the place mat. Layering the plates with texture and color makes this dramatic.

I want to know where they got those noodles?  Anyone?
Don't over decorate above your kitchen cabinets.  Less is more and large scale items are better.
Here is the leaf motif again.  Notice how it isn't "matchy" it compliments.
These are the small details that make a space come together.  Anyone can pick fabrics they love but a decorator is the one who ultimately is gifted in putting all these colors, shapes & textures together to make it pleasing to your eye without being all the same color and shape.
Nice back patio, perfect for chatting.  This vignette would definitely draw me outside!
Painting's don't always have to be hung straight.  Give them a twist and hang them on an angle, especially on a staircase.  I love it when there are fewer things and one large item that gives lots of color and character.
Cozy window seat. 
Master bedroom.  Beautiful relaxing colors.
If you are not going to have a conversational area in your master, at least have a  "cuddle" chair.
Love the sparkle that this lamp adds.
Of course the designer had to add a sparkley pillow too!  Pulling it all together.  Again, it's all about the details!
This paisley chair is gorgeous!  Nice masculine touch but isn't too strong.
Love the bathsalts in the bathroom.  Adding the spoons to them makes it even better.  When staging a house, details like this make you feel like someone already lives here and you can start to picture yourself in that space.  Again, a detail that is often forgotten;  these are the things that decorator's think of and add to your space.  You want to "use what you have."
Seems that a lot of the newer homes, especially if the master is upstairs, are incorporating coffee bars in the master bathroom.  I'm all over that idea.  The color of the mugs are perfect and match the bedding beautifully.  Nice when you feel like you are in a hotel in your own master.
Cute idea for above the window instead of a drape or cornice.
 Invest in your master suite, even if it is just painting it.  You spend a lot of time in this room.  Even if you just add a calming color to the walls, that's a good start.  Our master space can boost our mood each day and also makes couples spend time together in that intimate space. Make it an escape, that's what it should be!  Too often forgotten about with our busy lives.

Sports related game room.   It's perfect for tv watching and game playing.  If you have a bedroom that you aren't using, turn it into a tv/game room.  Make use of every room in your house.  No space should go wasted.  Re-evaluate each room in your home.  Do you use the space?  If you don't then make another plan for that room.  
Sectionals are a great solution for a small space.  Allows for more seating.
Yes, these are painted - aren't they awesome.  Look so real!
What boy wouldn't want this?  Young or old?
Such a glamorous room for a high school student who is on the dance team or a cheerleader.
Notice all the fun whimsical patterns in different sizes.  The black and white is stunning.  Red & black are definitely colors that demands and attract the most attention.  Of course, isn't that what teenager's want too?
Love the panther paw prints around the perimeter of the room.
Seen this before on a window, such a cute idea.
If I was looking at this home and had a teenager daughter, I'd want the room because it had a Twilight book in my space.  Good idea on the decorator's part.
Guest bedroom.
Of course, this house is "staged" to sell and this decorator did an incredible job making it very attractive.  When you hire a decorator to "personalize" your home, their job will be to also add some unique decoration inside and outside to add your personal history.
Personal history is what makes a HOUSE a HOME!
As I was driving out of the neighborhood, I noticed that most of the houses were already all decked out for fall.  It's always important when consideriing a neighborhood to look and see what the neighbors are doing to their houses around you.  Are they keeping them nice?  Do they have nice curb appeal?  Always improving?  This is the kind of neighborhood you want to invest in.
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Happy home touring!