The broken chair

I found these incredible antique chairs today and couldn't pass them up.  They are very good quality and in terrific shape.  They look like they have just been re-upholstered. 

My husband is one that loves a sturdy chair!  He will get up on the chair and jump up and down just to make sure it is as strong as it looks.  I know the reason he does this and that's because about 20 years ago, we had a family incident while at the Thanksgiving dinner table with all of our family members (about 20 of us at that time).   My mother-in-law's chair totally gave out as she finished setting everything on the table and we were about to bow our heads for grace.  I remembering everything being in slow motion.  The chair wobbled, swayed to the left, then swayed to the right, then wobbled even more  and then.......she went tumbling to the floor.   I'll never forget the laughter and more laughter and THEN the complete SILENCE once everyone saw the look on her face.....and then the tears.....oh wasn't a good good thing, it was  bad.  Of course she was tired from cooking all day and totally mortified!
Needless to say, my hubby and the rest of the family are chair tester's.  Every chair that is brought in this house is tested by him.   Each family member that visits tests the chairs.  It's crazy but true!
 I love the antique legs and the nail head trim around the edge.
The warm colors really grabbed me too!  I purchased both of them.  We are always entertaining at our house and I ALWAYS need seating.  I have a round table in my office (my husband gave it to me for mother's day a couple years ago after he and the girls refurbished it for me)  and I'm going to put the chairs with the seating arrangement that I have right now.  I bought this pillow while I was in Africa a couple trips ago and I LOVE it.  The chairs coordinate perfectly with the pillow.
Okay, do you see what I mean???  They are a perfect combination! 
You couldn't have passed them up either, could you??? Could you???  Even for $40????  Look how beautifully the woodwork goes with my antique couch.
Love when it's a good fit, beautiful, sturdy and a good price!  That's my kind of shopping.  If you are ever out and about and see a crazy blonde up on a chair, jumping up and down on it, don't worry, it's just me doing the "chair test."
Buy what YOU LOVE and go find a deal!