Kitchen Makeover Before & After

Everybody wants their home to reflect how they live and who they are.
This is especially true when you purchase a new home and it doesn't have your personality anywhere to be found.  My client who purchased this new home was smart when they decided to buy this incredible gem because it had great bones and character.  It just lacked those special touches that made it feel like home.  It needed an extreme makeover and lots of TLC.

Dark and dreary but not for long.  The center island and the back counter top was black tile with a stainless steel back splash.  Way too modern for my client who wanted a open, fresh and inviting kitchen.
It's been about a 5 week process but this week we finished their kitchen remodel. I stopped by today to take a few AFTER pictures while the cleaners were there. They were busy getting everything ready for the homeowners to move in this weekend.  My client is incredibly pleased with all the finished detail and loves the way every room now flows together with a purpose. 
New crown molding added to the top of the cabinets, new paint and glaze, wrought iron hardware (the jewelry of the kitchen), new counter tops (with a different color for the center island), new back splash, and new wood floors throughout most of the house. 
 The entire house had different tile in each room which looked crazy but not anymore.  We also stained the bar area the same color as the wood floors and that really made a HUGE difference to the feel of the kitchen. 
It's hard to see in the photos  but the cabinets do have a subtle glaze like the above gently rubbed on them. 
The adjoining dining room..  It is so beautiful with the complimentary crown molding!  Sherwin Williams "Breezy"

The homeowner keeps telling me how refreshing and rewarding it has been to work with a decorator.  Having a professional by their side to assist them with ALL the overwhelming choices that come with remodeling or updating a new home has been a life saver to them.  In the long run it has saved them thousands of dollars because they have avoided bad decisions that could have cost them a significant amount of money if they had made wrong decisions during this process on their own.

The distressed floors turned out beautiful
From paint colors, floor selections, grout color, lighting placement, granite color choices, carpet color, vanity selections, etc. it is so overwhelming to make these decisions alone.   The homeowner can honestly say now that it's all done...."WOW, we love it and it feels like US" 
It was a construction zone for about a week with all the tile demolition in the house.
(before grout)
From a different angel but you get the idea.  The back splash really looks beautiful with the center island granite.  The client was really hesitant to do something different like this but now that it's done, it's their favorite part of the kitchen.  The granite is like a piece of art.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  The Slate fireplace is being installed as we speak so I'll post pictures of that later on. 
Have a great weekend!
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