Rancho Del Ingles - Alhaurín de la Torre

La Case Grande - Built in 1985
Rancho Del Ingles is a place that will forever be etched in my memory.  This is the venue we stayed at during our retreat a couple weeks ago.  This ranch is nestled peacefully in the foothills between the mountains and the sea, just outside Alhaurín de la Torre.  
It is an estate filled with character, charm, grandeur, history and most of all has a story to tell.
David and Miyuki are the owners of this incredible Ranch and really know how to entertain their guests.  They became our friends and filled our hearts with their kind gifts of hospitality.
  David is a collector of "treasures" and has slowly incorporated architectural items, windows, beams, doors, shutters, vintage light fixtures, antiques, statues, etc. into this Ranch, their dream home. 
(windows in the living room)
 He sat and chatted to me about where and how he found all these incredible items that he built the Ranch around. He is a reclaimed treasure enthusiast that's for sure.   Some treasures were found in garbage bins, others were thrown out treasures that he found of the side of the road, others were pieces from demolished and abandoned buildings.  Of course, lots of the items were purchased but they even have great tales to tell. 
 He told us that he purchased a large storage container many years ago and just started putting things he found in it.
He knew that one day he would have the opportunity to build his dream home and that "one day" is now here.  When they bought the ranch, there was an original farm house on the property that was built in 1859.  David is slowing adding buildings using what he has collected over the years.
Everywhere you look on the Ranch, they have incorporated treasures that David has found.  This  makes the architecture incredibly interesting and full of character. They now rent out the Ranch for weddings, receptions, parties, celebrations, yoga retreats, etc. for others to enjoy.
Entry to courtyard.
You see loads of character and beauty as soon as you pull up to the entry of the Ranch.  These large wooden doors welcome you as you enter the courtyard to the main house.
They were purchased in Malaga, Spain.
Beautiful wrought iron work is everywhere.

The courtyard is where we ate all our meals.  It's a bright, sunny, inviting place to be. 
Miyuki has made every inch of this property feel like home.  She has the gift of hospitality and she and David make a great team.
The back of the main house.

The view from the main house to the Studio. 

Doesn't it look like a painting? I thought my camera captured it well. 
The pool area is a wonderful place to relax and read.
Lots of patio seating and creative landscaping throughout the property.
Love this.

This gazebo reminded me of the one my husband just built for us.
Each little house/villa on the property is tucked away somewhere incredible and has loads of interest. 
These shower doors are actually train cabin doors.  Brilliant way to use them.
The bathroom vanity above was one of my favorites.  David found this carpenters bench and added two sinks to it so it could be used as a vanity.  It is perfect because it has all kinds of nooks and crannies for guests personal items.
Old vintage light fixtures are all over the property.
A newly painted spiral staircase leads up to incredible views. 

I can't imagine all the hard work that has gone into this garden.
Terra cotta pots are placed randomly everywhere.
The property is so inviting at night.  The candelabra was my favorite in the main house and I loved adding fresh flowers each day.
This outside sitting area was used a lot during our stay at the Ranch.  This Indian window is spectacular and is absolutely perfect grouped with these Moroccan lamps.  The concrete table took my breath away too.
Can you believe how beautiful this outside room is at night?

This is another outside patio area.

The main dining/living area had a large farm table for everyone to enjoy. 
The front door is from Arabia.
Arab door up close and personal.
 All the interior doors of the house were found by David and were either being thrown out or not wanted.  He saved their lives!  Who wouldn't want these doors and where was I?

Notice these wonderful arched windows.  There were about 8 of them that were going to be thrown out.  David rescued them paying about 4 pounds each (I couldn't believe that) and he didn't do a thing to them.  

 The rustic patina on them hasn't been touched, it's just real age!

This Moroccan bed is in one of the main bedrooms and is so cool.
Stain glass windows are incorporated throughout the house.
Loved this ledge that was built in one of the rooms.  So rustic and charming.
All the rooms are cozy, clean and so eclectic.
The property goes on and on.
Statues are tucked in the garden her, there and everywhere.  According to the season you can pick your own avocados, oranges, lemons, walnuts, almonds, figs, asparagus, pomegranates and olives.
Old rustic tools and vintage garden equipment is placed in fun places throughout the property.
There are reading places everywhere for peaceful contemplation.
El Estudio

This is a large meeting room where the big events take place.  The row of columns on the outside of this building are from a church that was being demolished in London. 

David rescued them before they got destroyed.  How could anyone destroy these beauties?

They make an incredible statement on the outside of the building and he didn't have to do a thing to them. 
The greatest patina ever!  David placed some of the columns on the inside of the building too.
This little sitting area is on the porch and was used the entire week by woman taking naps!
This massive farm table was put to good use too.
What a view to wake up to.  To top it off, the weather was PERFECT!
Just look at the detail of this patio floor around the columns.
On the last night, I got to stay in the room above with the balcony.  The balcony on the left is the "outside" bathroom. 
There is great freedom showering on a rooftop, I must say!
It was spectacular! 
This is what I looked at while brushing my teeth!
If you would like to go visit David and Miyuki's website.  Here's the link.
Thanks David and Miyuki for all you have put into this Ranch for others to enjoy!  Blessings to you from Texas!  If you ever come to Texas, come stay in our home at Casa de la Roca.
I have a feeling I'm going to be reading about you someday in Architectural Digest Magazine.
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