Kitchen table dilemma SOLVED

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Over the holiday we had family over for hot potato soup.  Silly me wasn't paying attention and didn't have the kids use place mats on the table!  I don't like a high maintenance table like this but that's what kind I have so I won't complain.
Yikes, when everyone left...this is what I noticed!  7 nice burn circles all the way around the table.   I have tried everything to try and remove the marks but it is hopeless.  Every trick in the book has been tried.
 It just looks awful but I knew that I could find a solution without having to replace the table.  I didn't want to have to sand the whole thing down and redo it either!  Don't have time these days for that!
Pier 1 (used my 25% off coupon)
What I ended up doing is buying a glass top for the table.  For  now, I've put a piece of fabric that I already had underneath the glass. It looks great and is functional too!
It solved the problem and didn't cost me much.

I'd love to change it up a little too.  I enjoy change so I know that this fabric will start getting old and I'll need something new.  Here are a few things I've been thinking about trying.
According to Lonny Magazine, one of the top trends for 2011 is Typography. It would be fun to add some lettering like this under the glass! 

See Michelle Adams (Lonny Magazine) Top 5 Design Trends on the The Nate Show.
So many fun things out there.


I thought I could also put my kids artwork under the glass.  I've got stacks of these fun little treasures!  I wish I could rewind time that's for sure.
There are tons of wallpapers and wrapping papers that I could use as well.
For Christmas next year I'm going to put all the photo cards we get from all our friends under the glass.  Won't that be fun!  Can it be Christmas already?    Well, maybe NOT.
This is what one blogger did.  Very cute.  See Kim Saulter's post here at It's a miniature life.  I think I will do all black and white photos.
Imagine the fun I'll have with Valentines Day!
I love when a problem turns out to be something that is better in the long run.  We are going to have such fun with this table now!  
 Imagine what you can do during birthday months, graduations, baby showers, etc.  I'm really going to enjoy this! 
Thanks kids for inspiring me!!
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