Wish I lived in Atlanta

I've been reading through my "Atlanta Homes" Magazine and found this amazing Tour of Homes that is taking place in Atlanta that I so wish I could be a part of.
This question is what caught my eye:
 "Do you need some new ideas on how to use inherited antiques?"
You know I love to incorporate a mix of styles in my designs and this Tour of Homes would be so inspiring. 
Ten talented interior designers were each invited to adopt a room at
The Inspiration House of the Cathedral of St. Philip. Designers were
asked to show visitors a fresh approach to including antiques in today’s homes. Some approached the task from a layered, classically
traditional viewpoint, others took a pared-down sleekly modern
approach, while still others skillfully blended elements of old and new.
If you answer ‘yes’ to any or all of these questions, be sure to visit The Inspiration House at the Cathedral Antiques Show.
Do you need some new ideas on how to use inherited antiques?
Are you trying to make your home more “green” by re-using or
re-purposing antique or vintage furniture? Or are you just a lover
of antiques, period?


Visit this link for more details.

The 40th Annual

Cathedral Antiques Show

& Tour of Homes

Tour of Homes – January 30 – 31, 2011
Antiques Show – February 2 – 5, 2011


The roster of designers includes: Laura Green Thome (foyer and second-floor landing), Rick Anthony Bonner (keeping room), Marcia Sherrill and Alison Goldwater-Arkin (dining room), Robert Spiotta and James Deadwyler (library), Darcy Harris (bedroom/sitting room), and Terri Vawter and Terry Brown (bedroom).
Antiques add so much style to a home.  They don't have to make a home stuffy.  Incorporating old and new items is what makes a house feel like a home, collected over time with history and a story to tell.
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