My Eclectic Imaginary Room

Pandamonium in Grapevine
About a week ago, I was so inspired by these wall panels.  Old doors, cut and painted to look distressed.  I thought they were incredibly whimsical and colorful, especially against the pink wall.
These draperies were such a compliment to the panels and I wanted to bag them up right then and there!  I especially love the vintage hardware they are hanging from.
Later on that week, I came across this rug and I immediately thought it would really look amazing with the panels and the draperies!  Love when that happens.
So....I decided since my room felt almost complete, I needed to finish it.  I've created an imaginary room for a teenager or young adult (in my head of course).
Here we go!
Got an e-mail today from with all their new items. 
This couch will fit in my room perfectly.  Who wouldn't love this?
A set of these pillows will be PERFECT on the couch!  Brings out the gold beautifully.
Imagine this French Cane Bed in the room?
This dresser has such an elegance about it.
I'd paint the bed and the dresser so they both match!
Knobs always make a dresser look so polished and add style!  These look especially artsy!
West Elm
One of these Duvet's from West Elm would be fantastic on the French bed.  Either color would work with my color scheme!
Now layer with a couple of these firework pillows and the bed will be divine.
Every room has to be finished off with a little "peace."
Today I found this oil painting at a thrift store, can you believe it?  Yes, I know, it's an imaginary room but I just had to have it!  Especially since it was $4.00.
A sophisticated lamp for the bedside!  The black shade is so very classy.
and a French crystal chandelier will be the focal point in the entire room! eclectic "Imaginary Room" is finished!
PEACE OUT and have a great holiday weekend!