A touch of seaside to an entry

Today I had a 2  hour consultation with a fabulous client that I've worked with before.  They moved about a year ago and have just never finished putting the detail of each room together.  
They hired me to go through their 2 large tables of items that they didn't know what to do with.  Should it go in their garage sale pile?  Get moved to another room?  Given away?  Thrown away, etc. etc.
A touch of seaside.
We moved a lot of things around but we completed their entryway with some of those items as well as stolen items from around their house.  I thought it turned out GREAT for "using what you have."
We moved other items to their living room, master bedroom, master bathroom, hallways, back porch, guest room and kitchen.  They had some great items, they were just STUCK.  We got rid of a lot of greenery and accessories that all seemed to have the same look.
I placed a mirror on their console table and then put the glass vase filled with seashells on top of it.  They already had the wrought iron welcome sign but it wasn't to scale so we added the metal ceiling tile behind the grouping.  Now it all comes together and makes an amazing vignette.  
Pottery Barn
When we all stepped back to look at what I'd created, I told my client it had a "Pottery Barn" feel to it. 
When I got home, I sat down to read my recent Pottery Barn magazine and there it was!!
Pottery Barn
It was great fun!  Days like today are what make me LOVE my job.