My Gazebo is ready, just in time for the holiday!

The building of our Gazebo has been a long process and a LOT of work.  I thank my husband each day for all that he put into this design.  He created it from scratch and I think he did an awesome job.  The Spanish tile really finished it off!  As you all know, I really wanted to use thatch but after lots of research, we found out that it has to be replaced every few years!  I'm not into high maintenance at this time in my life so the roof we chose is perfect.  NOTICE THE FINIAL at the top of the roof.  I felt like it needed a finishing detail so I found this wonderful copper finial and it made it!
Here are my two darlings staining and finishing the touch up!
This is my new place to have coffee each morning and this is where we sit and chat each evening after we have finished our day!  Very peaceful and restful!
I looked everywhere for pillows and finally found these!  Loved the colors and they go perfectly with the new umbrella I got for my birthday!
We repainted the deck too!  This is the best it will look for a while!
The lights look beautiful at night and light up the whole gazebo!
My "re-stain" job on all my chairs turned out great and look very tropical!
Added some old bark to my candle scape and love the character it adds.
Just in time for my party this Memorial Day!
This is what I envisioned.....

Now that my vision is a reality....I like my Gazebo way better!
I'm off to the grocery store to stock up on snacks and appetizers so we can relax by the pool all weekend and enjoy our space with family and friends.  No good having a home you can't share with others. 
Hope you get to enjoy some time with those you love this weekend too!