"All Natural" Decor

I recently went to Farmers Market to purchase some vegetables and fruit for our family.  Of course, I was so inspired by all the colors that I saw!  Our God created some beautiful colors!  Take a look at all these.  I love to fill a giant bowl with colorful fruit!  Great inexpensive way to give yourself a pop of color in any room!  The trick is to select your favorite color and use just one color!  That always makes a statement.  Here are a few!

Another way to use "all natural" items is to purchase a glass cylinder and fill it with any of the below items. 
You could layer the items and use a grouping of cylinders with different items in each one! Get creative!

Love ALL these textures!  Perfect for your kitchen counter!
With Memorial Day coming up and then Fourth of July there are lots of parties and entertaining that goes on.  What can you do with "all natural" items to make your centerpieces a topic everyone talks about?  Go to your local Farmers Market or Indian or Import store and you will have so much fun with all the colors that are available to decorate with!  The Indian Market is filled with Curry powders that are to die for.