Painted Trim and Crown Molding

Looking for some quick changes this year for your home?
Think about changing your trim color instead of your wall color.
It can swing a room into a totally different mood without having to paint an entire room.
Just look at how painting this trim a soft blue makes this room so interesting and fun.  Of course, it can look "cheap" if you don't put the right furniture into the room to make it all come together.  This chair and ottoman along with the rug, light fixtures, dresser and painted bookshelf makes it look very sharp and pulled together.
The eyebrow in the room!
All white walls in this room but the painted molding adds character and class.
Black painted molding really makes a room look dressed up and glamorous.
All white walls and again, the trim painted this putty color adds interest and warmth.
You can paint trim in a weekend and feel good about a finished project.  It can accentuate your architectural arches immediately.
Check out this Link to get details tips on how to paint your trim correctly.
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