2012 Design Trends for your Home

(Traditional Home)
There is always buzz at the beginning of a new year as to what the trends will be for that year. I've been hearing 5 that seem to be pretty consistent in the design world.  Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, editor-at-large for Southern Living magazine confirmed them today on the radio.
(Lifestyle Expert - 103.7 FM)
I thought I'd give you some images to go along with these trends.  The images I've chosen are what I envision those trends to look like.  They are examples on how I plan on incorporating these trends throughout the year as I decorate homes. 
 Hope the visuals and examples help you as you think about incorporating some of these into your home this year. 
Remember, be careful not to go too "trendy."  Add a pillow, a lamp or a rug, something that can be changed easily.  Stay classic in your design but add a few things that go along with the trends to add some interest and personality.
NO. 1
"Tangerine Tango" by Pantone - The color of the year!
This makes me happy because It's one of my favorite colors.  I have splashes of it all over my home.
Tangerine Tango, a spirited reddish orange, continues to provide the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward.
It's a bold color and is beautiful as an accent color for your upholstery selections, dishes,
 accessories, wall color, lampshades, throws and much, much more.
I'm crazy in love with these teacups!
Fun light fixtures and mix and match chairs.
(The Nate Berkus Show)
Perfect touch at the end of a bed with pillows or with fresh florals.

(World Market)
Love this throw pillow.
This chair makes the room come alive!
Subtly including the color on a bookshelf is a great way to be in the trend without going overboard.
It's beautiful with blue as the background!
For those that are really conservative about trends, how about incorporating a large oversized ottoman with the color "Tangerine Tango" within the pattern?
I finished this room last year with "Tangerine Tango" as the accent color.
Pillows and florals once again.

NO. 2
GOING PREPPY - A clean, crisp look.
Gotta love houndstooth patterns.
A preppy wall design as a backdrop.

Love a great plaid.  You could find an old flannel shirt and make it into a pillow.
This look is one of my favorite ways to dress.
Beautiful textures that can be incorporated into a room.  Another one of my favorite looks.  Furs, leathers, animal print, sweater, vintage style  and wicker.
(Elle Decor)
So fresh and clean.  Appeals to men and woman.
(Ralph Lauren Home)
Wonderful layering of plaids and leather.
NO. 3
Every girl loves a sharp dressed man.  Well, it carries over into a sharp dressed room!

You are going to see lots of furniture looking like men's clothing.  Very sharp!
(Ralph Lauren Home)
So warm and comfortable.  Lots of plaids, warm tones, animal prints, leathers and books.
Dark tones with leather, metal, architectural elements and colored artwork.
Leather, grasscloth, black tones and artifacts.  Love the crystal lamp to soften the look.
Love this chair upholstery made from a mens flannel shirt - fabulous look.
NO. 4
Blues and Greys
The seascape look
Notice that it's not all themed in seashells.  It's just touches of it here and there to add interest.
(Tobi Fairley Home)
Small touches here too but the ice blue really adds a calming feel to this master retreat.
(Coastal Living)
Grey is a restful color and makes me want to turn down the sheets and sleep.
(Anna Baskin Lattimore Design)
Blue walls with white furniture and seashell motif.
Light blue walls look fresh and happy.
Seashell mirror and sink.  The mirrored vanity pulls it together and makes it glamorous instead of too country.
Painting the back of bookshelves adds a touch of the seaside.  Notice how beautiful white accessories look against the blue.
A collection of blue bases adds a calm yet vibrant feel. The black chairs really draw your eye in and complete the look.
Beautiful accessories on a console table with touches of the sea.
Driftwood and glassware speaks volumes in this vignette.  Makes a space feel "alive"
NO. 5
Splashes of red, yellows and other vibrant colors.
Country Living
Red and yellow have always been a great marriage.  Notice how they painted the walls and the bookshelves the same color.  Great way to add drama.
(DC Design House)
So vibrant and beautiful.  Painting the inside of a cabinet is a great way to add color to a room.
A painted chest of drawers can add a pop of color to your space immediately.
(Traditional Home)
Monochromatic room with vibrant yellow artwork is spectacular in this room.
What a happy place with an eclectic mix of styles.
(Traditional Home)
Draperies is a great way to add a punch of color to your room as well.
I'm looking forward to this year of design!
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