Perfect unexpected way to display your art

I found this oil painting (below) at an estate sale last weekend. I especially loved the colors; so warm and inviting. Wouldn't this be a great place to go and relax on those weekends when you just need to get a way from it all?
Love the stone bridge and what a dream home all nestled under the trees.
My entry table has this architectural piece (faux window) resting against my wall and I've always  love it.

I had a brain storm one night while my whole family was sleeping and I was all inspired and moving everything in my house around.  I do this often, I'm sure there are lots of you that can relate!  It's the way I relax...I know seems nuts, right?
I slid the painting behind the window and I think it has a new home.
Now it gives the illusion that you are looking out a window.
Quick finishing touch with a treasure I love.
These are the little elements that make a house a home, adding your personality and style.
The best part is I only paid a few dollars for this lovely painting.
I'm linking up to Room to Inspire today!