Decorating with vintage oil portraits
Consider using Oil painting portraits found at antique shows and estate sales in your home.  They can instill a sense of history to any room, especially when placed in a room filled with items that have been collected over time.  Even if the room has a modern flair, it's okay to add a traditional oil painting to the mix.  Adds an immediate unexpected touch.
Who says you have to have known the people?
Sweet innocent smile.
Love these colors.  This would be beautiful in a teen girls room if the colors coordinated.
Perfect portrait for above a piano. - "A music lesson"
Another great one for a music room.
Great one for a library or office.  Don't you wonder what she's thinking about?
Kind of a sad one, her face says so much.
I think I like this one because of the divine chair she's sitting in.
Little shabby but love the strength of the black.
Again, another one for a girls room.
Next time you are at an estate sale, garage sale or flea  market, look for portraits like these above.  You will be surprised how many are out there.   They can be placed leaning on bookshelves without a frame or framed as beautiful and elaborately as you want them to be.
I'd love to see what you find.  Hey, you might even get lucky and find one that looks like you or one of your ancestors?