Unique headboards that add personality!

The headboard is the focal point in most bedrooms.  They add personality to the space.
 There are so many amazing ways to create a headboard rather than buying a typical "matching" set.   There is no need for your bedroom to be "boring."   Wouldn't you prefer something unique and eclectic vs. a typical headboard for your master suite, guest room or kids bedrooms? 
 Here are a few that you can "dream" about. 
An imported screen adds such drama and class to this master suite.

3 lovely mirrors has such a feminine flair.
(DecRenew Interiors, Ruthie Staalsen)
You may remember this headboard I created from an old mirror frame for a Rancher here in Ft. Worth. 
These shutters are so playful and the colors work beautifully with the quilt.
Gates always make a unique headboard.  This room looks so restful.
Don't throw away your old doors.
I LOVE this one....a fireplace surround/mantel!
(Pottery Barn)
An old paneled door painted a crisp red.
Another fireplace mantel.
(Apartment Therapy)
Brilliant with such a masculine flair.
This architectural headboard has always been one of my favorite.
Stain glass windows!
An interesting screen.
A large rustic shelf.
Two old rustic doors.
  The combination of elements in this room is what makes it so stunning.  The gorgeous crystal chandelier that is so feminine combined with the rustic headboard is so charming.
The ultimate in my opinion!!!
Old railing.....this one is so much fun!
So awesome for a kids room! 
It's not JUST about the headboard in the bedroom, it's about how you decorate around it.
  I'd love to assist you with your bedrooms!
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