Grapevine, TX Master Bathroom Remodel

Wow, we finished another master bathroom.  What a transformation this one is.

The requests from the client were:  

More storage space to hide the clutter,  updated shower with niches and a bench, new floor tile, new countertops, new lighting, blue paint, updated bathtub and a vanity to do makeup.


As you can see it was in desperate need of a makeover. I suggested that we open up the closed "cave like"  shower to make the bathroom feel more open.  They didn't need the toilet to be separate because it was functional to them without the swing doors and they don't have anyone else that lives in the home with them.


We took the bathroom down to the studs and started over!!!

 You can see in the above photo that the shower is now opened up and now we get to admire the gorgeous tile work too.  Nobody wants to shower in a cave.  Why did they make showers like that before?   Just look at it now!  So much better don't you think? We also brought the tile up the walls and behind the toilet because that keeps things cleaner and fresher. We added the same glass accent tile as we have in the shower above it.



We added new cabinets with quartz countertops.

The hardware is the jewelry!

We weren't able to center the sink under the mirror due to opening up the shower, storage needs as well as needing the vanity but the client had no problem with that.  Priorities, priorities.

The client really wanted a vanity so she could sit and do her makeup.  I was so proud of her, she spray painted her existing vanity stool and did a weekend upholstery job.  I gave her a thumbs up because you know I love to repurpose if I think it works and helps us stay on budget.



Singing the Hallelujah chorus!

We had space next to the tub so we decided to add the 4  drawers for extra storage space. It would have been wasted space otherwise.  Can you believe how gorgeous the accent tile is?  The Arabesque pattern is just amazing made out of pearl. I suggested we put it around the windows to balance the bathtub side with the tower cabinets on the other side of the room.  It is stunning and was quite a challenge to install!

 Can we also take a moment of silence and stare at the chandelier!  It's on a dimmer for soaking  moments.

Every "spa like" bathroom needs a tower of rocks.

and a colorful rug! Rugs bring everything together. I like to use rugs that aren't the typical rugs you would use in a bathroom. It just makes the room more spectacular and bumps it up to the next level.

The client had the large blue pottery made by a local artist and I found the baby pottery to go with it.  Perfect for fresh flowers when you are feeling like treating yourself.


Oh my!  Can you believe this?


We opened up the entire bathroom by taking out the wall to wall cabinets.  Instead we did tower cabinets and put pull out drawers in each one so things could be hidden away.   We took out the fur downs and that opened things up a ton too.  Made the entire bathroom feel taller and more spacious.

 As you can see, this bathroom coordinates beautifully with the bedroom we transformed for them.

See the before and after photo's from a previous post

We are busy working on some design plans and I also have some very exciting news to share with you!

Stay close! Happy Sunday!

Colleyville Townhome Master Bedroom


This holiday season seems to be the time for master bedroom makeovers.  We have been so busy here at DecRenew Interiors but loving it!

We finished this bedroom a few weeks ago for my client that just moved into a townhome.  We finished her family room a few months ago and she called me back to do her master bedroom.  She wanted it to be simple but beautiful.



All she had in the room was a mattress and a dresser.  Everything else, we provided.


decrenew interiors2


The button details on the pillows are my fav.  The blown glass lamps totally rocked the room!

decrenew interiors4

The gray velvet pillow looked a little boring so I added a vintage broach I found at an antique show.


So inviting don't you think?

My team and I spent half a day at her house hanging things and getting it all ready while she was at work.  She couldn't get off in time for us to reveal it to her.  However, she called me when she got home just balling her eyes out because she was so happy that I did exactly what she was wanting. Made my day as you can imagine!  I really try to listen to my clients and make sure I understand what they are wanting.


I'll be posting another home soon where we used what the client had to make her remodeled home shine!

Stay tuned.

Tablecloth transformed into Duvet

I'm always looking for wonderful fabrics or unusual items that can be used for upholstery, pillows, draperies,  etc.

I found this large cotton table cloth at an Estate Sale and thought the colors and botanical pattern was so beautiful!  I especially loved the black floral print.  Very striking.
I had it made into a duvet for the bottom of the bed.  It's perfect for watching TV and cuddling!  Goes beautifully with the Euro shams and the draperies too!
Another Renewed Treasure!
The key to your decorating needs!
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Unique headboards that add personality!

The headboard is the focal point in most bedrooms.  They add personality to the space.
 There are so many amazing ways to create a headboard rather than buying a typical "matching" set.   There is no need for your bedroom to be "boring."   Wouldn't you prefer something unique and eclectic vs. a typical headboard for your master suite, guest room or kids bedrooms? 
 Here are a few that you can "dream" about. 
An imported screen adds such drama and class to this master suite.

3 lovely mirrors has such a feminine flair.
(DecRenew Interiors, Ruthie Staalsen)
You may remember this headboard I created from an old mirror frame for a Rancher here in Ft. Worth. 
These shutters are so playful and the colors work beautifully with the quilt.
Gates always make a unique headboard.  This room looks so restful.
Don't throw away your old doors.
I LOVE this one....a fireplace surround/mantel!
(Pottery Barn)
An old paneled door painted a crisp red.
Another fireplace mantel.
(Apartment Therapy)
Brilliant with such a masculine flair.
This architectural headboard has always been one of my favorite.
Stain glass windows!
An interesting screen.
A large rustic shelf.
Two old rustic doors.
  The combination of elements in this room is what makes it so stunning.  The gorgeous crystal chandelier that is so feminine combined with the rustic headboard is so charming.
The ultimate in my opinion!!!
Old railing.....this one is so much fun!
So awesome for a kids room! 
It's not JUST about the headboard in the bedroom, it's about how you decorate around it.
  I'd love to assist you with your bedrooms!
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