Priceless Mother's Day

What a fabulous mother's day treat I had. The day started with my girls singing "Happy Mother's Day to You" walking into my room with their wrapped treasures. The best part is that their daddy went to see his mom and they did this all on their own. I knew that they had been up to something because there was all kinds of secrecy going on and the garage had been off limits.
My oldest daughter made me a beautiful pot. She said she wanted it to look "distressed" because she know that's what I like. I loved that she knew my taste. I've got it on my bookshelf in my office and am very proud! Treasured gift!

My youngest daughter made me a wooden carved bowl. She spent hours in the garage with her daddy - cut the wood herself, used a chisel to carve it, sanded the edges and then stained it to my liking. I love it. She told me it was for next to the kitchen sink for my rings. She noticed that I always took my rings off to wash dishes and she decided that would be a good gift for me. Priceless!

These are my favorite kind of gifts. Made from the heart with lots of thought and love. The best part of these gifts is that my husband was involved behind the scenes guiding them patiently as they created their ideal gift for me. The time that he spends with them is a wonderful gift to me. No store bought gift could replace this gift.

The first 10 minutes of the day was all I needed for mother's day. Of course, I was spoiled rotten. We spent the day at my sister's and her husband cooked us steak and crab. I had never tasted crab claws and they are my new favorite thing. My sister warned me and she was right!! The men treated us like royalty. Lots of fun to celebrate with my mom and sister. Again, another great gift from the heart. A gift of service to us all! No restaurant can match up to that kind of service!

I love being a mother, not only on Mother's Day but every day!