Updated Brassy

Found a set of the above shelves/sconces at a thrift store and thought the color was hideous but thought they had style. The brassy finish almost blinded me and reflected in my rear view mirror as I drove home. However, a little paint can change it up totally. I dry brushed the with black, copper, antique gold and a touch of silver. They will make great wall side tables for next to a bed (especially if there isn't much room for furniture). Would look fabulous above an entry table with some beautiful pottery placed on top of them. Placed above a fireplace mantel flanked on the each side of an admired painting.
Example of the finish up close - the photo doesn't do it justice, as usual.
About a year ago I found these concrete square blocks that when put together make a great architectural floral design. They were all beat up and needed some lovin'. They didn't look terrible before and if you were putting them in a home with a "shabby chic" design, they would work well because of their distressed and worn look. However, adding some color and depth makes the grouping look more alive and fresh. I enjoyed bringing this flower to life as I painted it.



It's still a little wet here and I'm going to add a matte glaze to it to add some more brown and to take away the shine. Adding a little black to it makes the flower pop. I'm going to hang it up outside underneath my covered patio unless some else is interested in purchasing it as

a mother's day gift!


I've got a few more projects I'm working on right now and will post them as I complete them. I'm in the middle of a couple client kitchen updates so I'll post pictures of that when I'm finished too!

Happy treasure hunting!