Pumpkin Tree's

I have a Facebook friend (Kristi Herring) that posted a picture of her pumpkin tree that she purchased today.

Of course, it caught my attention and I wanted to know where on earth she found this wonderful treasure.  She bought it at Central Market (of course) they always have wonderful unique items and their floral department is spectacular!!!!!  This is the ONLY place I purchase my fresh flowers now.  I love to pick the flowers I want to use for whatever client I'm working with or the party I'm having and put my arrangement together when I get home.  If you aren't into creating your own arrangement, they will help you select your flower's and will put it together for you while you shop. 

I did some quick research about the pumpkin tree:

This is a bit of a cheat because the pumpkin tree is hardly a tree and more of a smallish plant. Solanum is simply the botanical name for a group of specific plants.   This sub category is known as; Pumpkin Tree, Pumpkin on a Stick, Hmong Eggplant, and many others.

Florists use this for their fall arrangements and they’re also used in some Asian dishes like stir-frys.  Ornamental Eggplant is what they call it.

While carving is out of the question this is a great family plant. Kids love them! You and your family can learn how to grow your own little pumpkin trees from this place or that place.  Go to this website to find out how to grow your own.

I'm hiking myself over to central market tomorrow to see if I can buy some!!!  I won't be adventurous enough to grow my own.  I'll have to pass this on to my sister-in-law Rachel, she'd be the one to actually grow them in her backyard!
Supposedly they last about 3-4 weeks and cost about $12.00 a bundle.
What an splendid color splash this would add to any room!
Another quick note about Central Market
A couple weeks ago I sat next to one of the floral designer's for Central Market at one of my Chamber of Commerce Luncheon's.  She was telling me that the Southlake floral department does REALLY well and that weddings keep them extremely busy. They have amazing floral designer's that work behind the scenes for weddings, large events and private parties. 
They are really humming during any holiday season too. She said they recently did a wedding where she arrived with all the floral arrangements and started to set them up on each table.  The caterer that the bride hired for the wedding was confused when they say her apron that said "Central Market" and they asked her if she was also doing some of the catering?? She had to explain to them that Central Market does floral arrangements too and they weren't doing any food.  The caterer relaxed after her answer and had a sigh of relief.
 Often times, we forget that Central Market has an incredible floral department! They are unique, colorful, budget conscious and always have vibrant FRESH flowers and an incredible selection. 

To to this link to see Central Market's website.
It finally feels like fall in Texas, get your pumpkin trees out!