Pure Bliss

Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I just returned from Phoenix after a wonderful relaxing trip with my husband. He attended meetings and I just enjoyed relaxing by the pool and catching up on alone time. I stared up into the beautiful blue sky, enjoyed the sunshine and LOVED having the palm trees towering over me . My favorite thing of all was the beautiful trickling of the water fountain right next to me. I promised myself and my husband that I would totally turn off work and I did......Pure bliss!

On another note......last month I posted about how I found a bird cage and wanted it turned into a chandelier. My husband and my two beautiful daughters worked on the cage and gave it to me for my birthday. It really adds a lot to our cabana outside. I didn't want the lighting to be jarring so the rope lighting is beautiful. I'm still working on adding some ferns to some of my urns outside so this area is not quite complete. We love summer nights so this will be so much fun for our family and friends. I KNOW we will enjoy it. The best part of this gift is that the three that I love most gave it to me and hung it too.