Quay House

In my growing up years, we would go visit my Grannie and Grandad in Cornwall, England.  They lived in a beautiful old house right on the sea.

My brother and sister pushing each other in an old pram (stroller). 

It was a beautiful place and I have great memories of spending time with my grandad in his wood shop and on his little motor boat.  I remember time in the kitchen with my grannie and in her garden admiring her beautiful flowers and herbs. I remember each room in the house had such character and I especially remember the stairway being all stone.  There was always a raging fire to keep us all warm.   I would love to go back now and see what a beauty this house has become over the years.  It was named the Quay House, which means - a landing place,  one of solid masonry, constructed along the edge of a body of water; wharf.

That's exactly what it was.  It wore its name well!
Me on the far right, my brother and sister and my cousins at the end of the garden.
I remember it being really cold down by the water.  Aren't my cousins little British cuties?
We loved feeding the swans with the left over bread!  We loved our Wellington boots and needed them because of all the mud.  This picture was on one of our visits when we were much younger.
This was the view from the bedroom window where we kiddos stayed.  You can see my grannie playing with us here.  As a kid you just don't appreciate those times enough.  I look back now and feel so blessed to have been somewhere so beautiful with grandparents that loved me so much. 
Now that's being a true kid!  You can see that the tide has gone out in the background.
I loved the little village that it was in, so quaint and quiet.

Quay house is on the left in this photo, you can see the name on the side of the house.

The narrow streets that led to the house only allowed one car at a time.  If a car came the other way, you would have to pull over to the side of the road to let them pass.
I decided to google Quay House to see what other homes had that name, just because I was curious. 
I found this wonderful home (now a bed and breakfast)in Ireland, named Quay House.

Right by the harbor.
I immediately went crazy because the decor in the rooms were right up my alley.  Each room has a quirkiness to it.  There are 15 rooms in all, each with their own bathroom.

Here are some of my favorite rooms.


This  mirror as the headboard is fantastic.  I so want to do this!!!!
The little table and chair set is perfect for breakfast by the window.  I don't usually like pink carpet but in this room it works.  The antiques add so much character.
This antique furniture is very similar to what I have in my office!  I'm especially fond of the chair.
Great mix of antiques with wicker and a splash of zebra print.  The oil paintings I'm sure have history and a story to tell.  This room definitely looks collected over time.  The kind of character I'm always trying to achieve in my living room.
A zebra print rug adds some spice to this room.  There is no reason you can't mix it up a little.  In fact, that's how it should be done.  Keeps things new and exciting. 
The family portraits within the home are gorgeous and I love that they are so large and framed so beautifully.
Another room with a headboard mirror.  Not as ornate as the first one above.  I'll take the couch, thank you very much. 
The yellow striped wallpaper is a perfect backdrop in this room.
  Not sure where they were going with the drapes here though?
The sconces above the fireplace are the favorite thing in this room.  Your eye immediately turns to them because of their great curves.
This sun room is a happy place to have a full cooked Irish breakfast.  The copper molds on the wall are fun (at least I think that's what they are).  Somebody correct me if I'm wrong?  Are they silver serving dish covers?

Now this bed makes a statement.  Doesn't that balcony look inviting? I wonder what kind of a view there is?
Maybe this is the view? 
 It looks similar to "our" Quay House in England doesn't it?

Cozy, warm and comfy.
Another angle of the room with the sconces.  More family portraits on the wall.
Perfect room to curl up and read by the roaring fire.  I wonder who the china belonged to that is now hanging on the wall?
Simply classy.
The Quay House in Ireland was voted one of the 100 Best Places to Stay in Ireland in 2010.
I can see why!
Go to Trip Advisor to see comments about this bed and breakfast!
I so wish we still had Quay House in our family but my grandparents are no longer with us and house was sold.  However, I am happy for the great memories of a beautiful home with family.

Have a great weekend!