Chair Slipcovers

Being that it's fall......and I found a great deal.......
I decided to slipcover all my dining room chairs.
I love the off white for summer

A fun change for fall/winter

They fit like a glove so I'm thrilled. 
 I love that the beautiful wood legs are still exposed.
Finished up my change with a simple "all natural" pumpkin which I placed in my large green bowl.  This is the extent of my fall decorating this year!
On a side note, the tapestry that you see on the wall was purchased on our 2nd wedding anniversary (we just had our 21st) in Fredricksburg, TX.  My husband and I went away to a bed and breakfast and found it in a little antique store all crumpled up on the floor.  We fell in love with the colors and textures and decided it would be beautiful stretched and framed.  We plan on passing it on to one of our girls someday. 
Hope you have a great weekend!
I should have my new website up and running soon!