Quilling; an amazing art

I met with a client today and she had some amazing artwork in her home that I commented on.  She loves "Quilling" which is a craft using paper that turns into an incredible design. 

When I got home, I decided to look up this fascinating art and found all kinds of beautiful items that have been created by some amazing artists.

If I learned how to quill, I would decorate boxes and gift bags! 

History of Quilling

During the Renaissance, Nuns and Monks were inspired by metal filigree of the past to decorate book covers and religious items. They used gilded paper strips in order to imitate the original metal wires. The name "Quilling" is said to be derived from the fact that the Nuns and Monks originally used feather quills as their tool to roll the paper. Later, the craft spread throughout Europe and to the Americas, where it was considered to be an appropriate hobby for the "Ladies of Leisure" of the time. Newspaper advertisements for some boarding schools in the American Colonies listed "Quill-Work" among the subjects taught.

For some reason, Paper Quilling seemed to have faded during the late 1800's.  During the middle of this centry Quilling reemerged.  Today, thanks to the enthusiasm, knowledge, and skills of artists from around the world, this captivating paper art is back to stay.  My client is one of these artists and her art is AMAZING. She has one several competitions at the State Fair and can get lost in the detail of each creation.

Here are a few that I came across that I thought were beautiful.
Fun picture frame!  My daughter's would love this!  This might be a craft we learn over the summer.
Look at this detail.  Wouldn't you love to receive this card in the mail?
This could be an ornament for your tree or just placed in a shadow box!
Just look at the detail!!!
My favorite!
Great for baby announcements.
So personal!
Great way to frame your wedding invitation.

It was fun to research about "quilling" and if I get a chance, I'll see if I can share my client's artwork with you.  She is extremely talented.  She plays the harp as well and has a music room with several harps.  What a beautiful sound the harp makes.
So classy!!
Fun collection.
Yellow and blue always compliment each other so beautifully~

Soft colors.... so soothing and stunningly beautiful.  The stem looks so real.

So so so so adorable. 
This butterfly is one of my ultimate favorites.  The color combinations and the extreme detail blows me away!
Hope you have a great short week!
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