Rug to Ottoman/Embroidery to Pillow

Rug to Ottoman
Thought you might enjoy seeing my latest finds. I found this rug at a garage sale about 6 months ago and loved the pattern. The man that sold it to me for $10 bucks said he bought it during his vacation travels to Pakistan and paid $150 for it. I've learned from experience that if you love something and have the cash in your pocket, buy it. So that's what I did, not knowing what I was going to do with it.
A couple weeks after purchasing the rug, I was in a thrift store and purchased the following for $5.00 YES.... can you believe it. It still had the price tag on it labeled $350. It's a base to what looks like use to be a glass coffee table. It had not top on it, just the base but I KNEW it had potential. The bamboo is sold and has what I think looks like an animal print on it. I love "all natural" things like this.
You know you love "thrifting" when your adrenalin starts to pump and you can hardly concentrate because you are scheming of ways to use the item. I immediately thought of combining the rug with this amazing find to make an ottoman.
My upholsterer loves when I come in his shop because he knows that he's going to get an interesting combination. He did look at me kinda weird this time though and said, I trust you. This is the outcome of the two thrifty" finds. It now rests in my bedroom in-between my two chairs.


My sister-in-law gave me this embroidery for my birthday. She handed it to me and said "you are either going to love this or hate it".

Well, I loved it! She got it from India and thought I would do something special with it. It's all hand embroidered and each flower is made of gorgeous beads. I'm crazy about it! I had it made into a pillow and I think it turned out fabulous. It is now on my guest bed and makes a grand statement.

Of course, I had to make it even more ecclectic by putting a fun pattern on the back.

Happy Thrifting!